February GIVEAWAY!

We recently launched our Etsy shop and I wanted to share some of our wonderful products with you. So, it is time for a giveaway!!!
  I chose two of our most popular products and, I must admit, personal favorites - Power Punch Tincture and Get Well Soon Herbal Infusion.  They are perfect for this very cold and unusual winter. Both contain herbs that boost the immune system and help your body overcome the common cold and the flu.

Power Punch Tincture is made with Elderberries, Echinacea root and plant , and Astragalus root. All three plants boost the immune system in a very specific way and create a balanced response to help your body overcome any viral or bacterial infection. I like to take the tincture with the first signs of a cold in order to prevent getting sick.

 We drink this tea almost daily in our house. It is so delicious with some added raw honey that even my three year old boy is asking for it. It is a blend of calming herbs like chamomile and lemon balm; thyme helps soothe a sore throat or a mild cough; hibiscus gives you a powerful vitamin C punch; yarrow helps the body sweat out a fever and adds its anti bacterial properties to the blend, which are enhanced by powerful herbs like Elderberry and St John's Wort.

Want to try both products?


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You can enter the giveaway by the end of Monday - 2/ 24/ 2014. I will choose the winner on Monday - 2/25/2014.

Thank you for your support and good luck!


  1. Love all stuff Herbal!!!! The Best Medicine!

  2. I love lavender & calendula!!! I have made some healing oil & its helped out some people who have skin issues.