Is it food allergies?

I recently discovered that I have food allergies. The one kind of allergies I thought I never have to worry about. So.... another journey of healing begins ! I wanted to share with you how I was diagnosed, hoping that it might help some of you in your journey to health.
 Everything started 4 months ago when I began having some strange symptoms. I felt tightness in the chest and I was unable to breathe, but I did not have any wheezing. I went to my regular doctor and she decided that, since I have a history of asthma, I needed an inhaler and some steroids to address the problem. I know, it is hard to admit that I couldn't do my herbal magic and fix things , as I have often done before. I was so used to managing my asthma with herbs and food, that it seemed strange after all those years for my body not to react to the natural treatments. My body did react to the pharmaceuticals, and now I was gaining weight each day, I felt constantly bloated, constipated, and I still had difficulty breathing. I would focus so much on my breathing at times that I got lightheaded trying to take deep breaths. I went back to my doctor and she prescribed  a different steroid . She also decided it is best to see an allergy specialist. I made the appointment and I had to go through another visit of explaining my symptoms. When I left the office I had two additional prescriptions for a daily asthma medication and another inhaled steroid. When things did not get better I went back. Left with a prescription for anxiety medication. All of this without any tests to see what is wrong with my body. Finally, wrote all my symptoms on a piece of paper, all the medications that I was taking ( and were not helping) and all the tests I want done. I made an appointment for yet another doctor. She decided that she can do some blood tests and a CT scan to check for blood clots and any inflammation in the lungs. But she refused to do some tests , like checking hormone levels, adrenal and reproductive. All test came back normal but I was still having symptoms. I managed to take a few weeks off work to figure things out, rest and figure out what I am going to do. I did not want to take medication that is not helping me . 
 I started changing my diet a little bit. Years ago, when I started managing my asthma through diet, I became vegetarian and was a vegetarian for years. Later on I discovered the Nourishing Traditions and starting added organic meats and wild caught fish to our family's diet. I made most of my food from scratch or purchased organic, GMO-free options. I considered our way of eating very healthy. We rarely eat out, we pack our lunches , we spend time outside, in nature.
 Finally I found a holistic doctor in the area who suggested I get tested for food allergies. I've never had any problems with food. There was some foods that made me feel bloated and sluggish and I avoided eating. It turns out I am allergic to all animal fats, cooked tomatoes, all food additives and colorings. As a result of those allergies, and the fact that we were eating a very similar diet to Paleo, rich in animal products, low in grains, the acidity in my stomach was really high. Instead of heartburn , my symptoms were tightness in the chest and being unable to breathe.
 Finally, someone was able to put a name on everything that was going wrong with my body. Now I can start healing and bringing my body into balance.
 I wanted to share this story with you, hoping that it can help , if you are going through something similar. While I was trying to figure out what was happening in my body, I was doing some online research and I found many people with the same symptoms, some of them suffering for years and still trying to figure out the cause.
 So don't be afraid to visit another doctor , or an alternative healer. They have the tests and the tools to figure  things out. And don't be afraid to refuse any treatment that sound uncomfortable , or if the physician sounds unsure of what is causing your symptoms.
Be strong and never give up on your healing journey!