De-clutter Your Healing Journey

 I know it is too late to set an intention for 2018 and I purposefully waited this long to commit to a goal this year. I wanted to think about it and really let my mind and my heart come together. They needed time to negotiate and set an intention for the future.

I've been on this healing journey way too long. I lost track of every commitment and every potential destination. Have you been there before? In the spot of not believing yourself, because you promised your body a change and it didn't work. Vegan, Paleo , Traditional foods, Whole 30, a handful of supplements, a gym membership, journaling.... Ideas keep pouring and it all looks amazing and oh-so-inspiring on Instagram. But then you hit a wall , because you have a real life and a real job, and real people to take care of , and nothing seems to work the way it is supposed to.

I waited this long because I needed to quiet down the clutter in my head and in my soul. All the information I cram in day after day - books, latest research, new articles, webinars, online summits- it was getting too much. It was creating chaos in my body, my home, and my relationship with the world. So I promised myself a frugal and minimalist approach to this healing journey of mine. A year of DE-cluttering. A year to bring me back to my instincts and to my roots. A year of de-cluttering my personality, my food choices, my connection with the people I care about, my time, my home , and my finances. Does it seem a little bit overwhelming? I thought so, too. Where would I start? How would I know when I reach my destination? But then I realized that I can't even see the path hidden by labels, theories and someone else's success stories. It is time to make this path my own. New discoveries. No labels. Be my own inspiration.

The biggest revelation I had was that I don't have to be perfect. Perfect seems to create a negative attitude in my mind. I can't maintain perfect and I don't believe that anyone else can. Community and sisterhood, families and work environments - they are not perfect and we can not connect with the world , if we are perfect. There is no perfect diet, perfect body, perfect daily routines. Live demands imperfections and I want to embrace mine , and live this journey to the fullest.

For these past eight months I've given myself the freedom to be tired, angry, sad, ecstatic, and child like. I promised myself to experience my own emotions and to refuse other people's emotions. I've raised my voice and sang in the car. I cried in the middle of the woods. I challenged my fear of not being the perfect mom, or the perfect wife, or even a best friend. I SPOKE MY TRUTH. And, yes, people didn't like this change and I cried again, but I'd like to think I came out stronger on the other side.

Healing our bodies is never going to take place if we don't heal our minds. I am searching for my sacred space, deep within, behind thoughts of dinners and school schedules. I am going back to my healing journey in order to find myself, so I can bring not just my body along, but my mind as well.

I learned to come back to my breath and step outside moments of stress.

Just breathe.
Everything we need is inside us.
Food will heal our bodies
Breath will heal our minds
Just spend time with yourself

I am getting to know this mind and this soul I've been carrying around for almost 39 years.
And it's wonderful ! It is healing! It is like coming back home after many months away.

It is that simple.
No labels. No resolutions,. No final destinations.
Just a journey of intuition
Know your mind to heal your body...


Homemade Instant Oatmeal Mix

 We all know those instant oatmeal packs in the breakfast isle in the grocery store and, lets be honest, we've all used them. Unfortunately, they are not the best breakfast choice. In my opinion , they give a healthy food a bad reputation. They are often filled with way too much sugar, preservatives, thickeners , and unnecessary additives. And to top it all off , those pouches are tiny. I've never seen a person eat one of those and stay full until lunchtime.
 So in the past year or so I have been making my own instant oatmeal mix at home. It takes only a few minutes to put together and it is very versatile , since it does not limit you to any one flavor profile. I've decided to share my basic mix recipe and some of my favorite add-ons with you. Feel free to make it your own and don't forget to share your delicious ideas.


3/4 to 1 cup quick oats ( choose gluten free, if this is a concern)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon raw pumpkin seeds*
1 tablespoon raw sunflower seeds*
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, or more to taste

* for a greater nutritional punch use sprouted seeds.

 Just in case you think you might get bored with this, here are some of my favorite toppings :

  1. Make it a classic : add some warm plant milk (usually I do this at home) , cinnamon and maple syrup (or sweetener of you choice)
  2. Go tropical :  add shredded coconut,  dried/fresh pineapple,mango and bananas 
  3. Go superfood:  add some goji berries, hemp seeds and raw cacao powder
  4. Go seasonal: add some pumpkin puree or apple butter, and a dash of pumpkin pie spice
  5. Go savory: omit the cinnamon and add some leftover roasted veggies, sauteed greens and a dash of turmeric. 
  6. My everyday favorite: Basic mix with frozen berries, walnuts and agave syrup.

Mix and match, or make it new and completely your own. Oatmeal is a healthy food we should have often and some even say everyday. So take the guesswork out of breakfast and have fun. Bon appetit!